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The most recent M4 upgraded model of the H & K Inc. Tokyo Marui HK 416D over 18 adopted by the next-generation electric gun

See this item in amazon Japan Price = ¥ 48,543 ASIN = B00ANHDJ3A Delta Force! Number of HK416D of H & K made especially significant improvements until the development of Colt M4 and variants in the design from the internal mechanism. HK416D piled real verification and interviews in Tokyo Marui, H & K’s distinctive style and various gimmick reproduced. In addition, has become a model performance as an Airsoft Gun, such as the adoption of the outer barrel change system can change the length of the barrel fit height scales with various optional parts with the situation. ♦ shoot & recoil engine ♦ equipped with auto-stop system ♦ adjustable hop

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