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15.5 VAIO-Laptops VAIO C15 white / copper (Home Office Business Premium) VJC15190111W

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Price = ¥ 102,380


I like it. The style choice choose the gadgets. • By adopting the anti-glare LCD to reduce glare from eye fatigue in prolonged activity anti-reflection anti-glare LCD light, reducing the strain on the eyes. Your work for a long time eyes less tired it is.  ◆ sonorous bass! On the bottom with a large box loudspeakers placed on high-quality speakers with subwoofer subwoofer is direct and powerful sound and the PC doesn’t seem to emit. • Full size keyboard you can type comfortably & 2 botantouchpaddesktop PC keyboard and the same, with a full-sized keyboard of 19-mm key pitch. Includes the numeric keypad, so numeric input, such as in the spreadsheets can be comfortable. Large easy-to-use touch pad is less mistakes 2 button. Keyboard home row under Center so can operate in a natural posture. • Scalable secure firmly. This satisfied one, can be used! In addition to the HDMI port can output a video projector and a big screen TV, LAN port, 4 USB ports with plenty of. Built-in DVD drive, big-screen & at the hippest high definition speaker DVD video playback.


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