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[クラークス] Clarks Mens desert boot Desert Boot free shipping! “Clars (Clarks) DESERT BOOT (desert boots) 20356337 Navy / multi” since 1950, half ORIGINALS (originals) continue and still loved by all over the world, beyond the century series staple items. Upper simple and beautiful form of crepe sole that employs natural rubber can also be called the origin of casual shoes, not a burden on feet is a versatile shoes can fit a wide range of fashion design any style. Now in the adoption trend color sort. -Approximate size conversion: size conversion for our products is UK7 (25 cm), UK7.5(25.5cm, the company)-UK8 (26 cm), UK8.5(26.5cm), advises UK9 (27 cm). Please note that. Development size: mens

-upper material: thick outsole material: rubber bottom sole-leather
: 2 cm
mouth: 29 cm / tube length: 11 cm (measure size 8)


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