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Abcdcollectionsabcdviewing fleet – ship it-rain break two 1 / 8 scale ABS &ATBC-PVC-painted PVC figure

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original productions:sai (Knead) most popular browser games “fleet abcdcollectionsabcdviewing-ship this-‘, shiratsuyu class destroyer USS second rain break G2 is a 1 / 8 scale figure, appeared! Illustrations were drawn down cards bushiroad released “Weiss” for solid, full bleed. Brave drizzle and demonstrate the equipment differs from the in-game to even start artillery torpedo warfare, taking their hands and enjoy. Make the wrongness scale model variations and the rigging with both hands in addition, aspects of gun and artillery can also have on hand as well as illustrations of the game on the back shoulder, so that has become possible. And torpedo tubes equipped with a gun equipped with side of the rigging with both hands, guns, legs are movable, so it can be placed in the style of your choice. (C) by 2015 GAMES All Rights Reserved.
photo is slightly different from actual product.
size: height: 205 mm


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