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AC adapter Magzine HEADWAY EDM-1 single-channel acoustic preamp /DI

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Price = ¥ 29,280

ASIN = B01AB86T46

EDB-2 high quality condensed features intact and EDM-1 are higher portability of the compact pursued. With 3-band EQ can be effectively controls the sweet range of musical instruments and the instruments required low Range filter area and to demonstrate effective feedback suppression is also required not only enough functionality, outstanding sound quality provided. EDB-2 as well as a rugged steel enclosure is more compact in the EDM-1 with a sense of the size you want to always carry will be as the sidekick of acoustic bass, acoustic guitar, violin, rely on any field to support your performance. “Range” control to cover even with belt clip available for compact and robust body
various instruments
corresponding to the input from the 9 volt phantom power
various instruments to control the band extremely musical 3-band EQ
TRS phone “Ring”,”Tip” a possible supply impedance selector mounted


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