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All-in-one compatible with MACKIE Mackie professional effect with mixer ProFX8v2 regular domestic

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Price = ¥ 25,579


a variety of live sound applications achieve optimization them unparalleled noise reduction 8 channelprophectionalephector, integrated USB I/O mixer
class A front end design and 2 feedback stabilization and bias current. Built-in 16 different effects and attract new Mackie VITA preamplifiers designed for live sound
the audience and musicians are also satisfying. New READY FX effects engine with built-in USB audio interface are available for main or monitor tuning of DSP processing on the latest high-definition audio technology
7-band graphic EQ-live recording and music playback, perfect addition to the Aux output for monitor mix
-3 frustereochannel, keyboard, external effects, For the connection of stereo playback devices, such as a convenient stereo return channel with Hi-z input can connect directly to the musical instruments such as guitar, bass


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