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¥ 50,500

[focus registration not required! The Palm-sized projector]
smartbeam laser is only 5.5 cm side cube-shaped. It is sold in the
Japan only Palm size laser projector.
laser projection-type display, HD 720 p (1280 x 720), so clearly vivid video.
and focus-free, so where to put focus and picture. Focus on LED projection of
was not required.

[ultra compact projector because is a fun filled! ]
smartbeam laser uses Wi-Fi, PC and Smartphones can connect easily (AirPlay, Miracast, continuum, etc.).
optional equipment is not required.
also, if you use the MHL/HDMI cable, smartphones and PCS, of course, customers, such as HDD recorders and camcorders mat can be connected until equipment.
and connect the HDD Recorder and connected
smartbeam laser and HDD Recorder and player DB, or televituna, instead of a big-screen TV.

big screen TV takes place, so only where possible in the House and you cannot ensure sufficient floor space, such as the one-room apartment, big-screen TV is not available.
if that tiny smartbeam laser can be installed anywhere, and instead of a big-screen TV can be used. Images can be projected expansion (inches) to
smartbeam laser is 100 V, so you can enjoy.
(* Note: Internet marketing HDMI cable for (type A-type D) required)

* image only used.

[holding video cameras and game consoles, and more fun! ] Of you will have enjoyed the sport
and connect the camcorder and the video game have taken with a video camera post-match debrief with sesh in turn found there that I think. Don’t look in small monitor video camera
but is inconvenient?

smartbeam laser holding a video camera or Smartphone, wall videos projection images and, can be seen on the big screen. It is smartbeam laser can be used anywhere and can be carried in a tiny
because you can use it this way.

(* Note: Internet marketing HDMI cable for (type A-type C type D and type D) required)

* image only used.

[If you go, have to travel and camp at night is really fun! ]
“travel both smartbeam laser” guys if I go out on a trip with my friends
should snap away photos and videos. Smartbeam laser Smartphone
you can easily connect your stay Inns and hotels, money taking pictures and video screenings and 盛ri上garemasu at all!

* image only used.

* car pictures and images of the camp is the real picture. In the laser imagery system, no need for annoying focus. Just put this product with auto-focus, can be projected up to 100 inches. Compared to conventional led lens of laser projection projection images are bright and clear and displays kukkiri.
size 5.5 cm small cube-shaped with Palm-sized. The weight is only 195 g. Put in a pocket or bag and you freely.
body built-in 4200 mAh battery, battery is fully charged 2 hours of continuous use is possible (4). Where no charge is made with a micro USB cable, connect your mobile battery power available for a long time.
compact and projected on the ceiling of the bedroom for unwanted weight, power, and so can be used anytime, anywhere, while sleeping videos, wedding reception venue at outdoor events, photo and video projected onto promotional screenings, camping outdoor karaoke, anytime, anywhere in the big-screen video offers.
this product is a laser projection & small mobile projector with wired and wireless connection, Smartphone, personal computers, game machines, video equipment and the projection image can be projected. MicroHDMI cable is wired, MacBook or Windows laptop screen camcorders screen or Whiteboard. Advantage presentations at meetings and meetings on the go. For Android, Wi-Fi connection for iPhone / iPad “AirPlay”, and “Miracast” in responded the Smartphone screen wirelessly to a projector in a mirror projection will be.


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