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Amplifier, Yamaha traveler electric acoustic guitar APXT2 OVS

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Price = ¥ 22,464


outdoors or traveling even feel free to enjoy the authentic sound realization

small model guitar with a full-fledged pick-up system. APX series acoustic-electric guitar with slightly less charming design’s features. Includes pick-up system [ART”Youcangetnaturalrichacousticguitarsoundandcompactchordvibrationaswellasthewholebodytotheamplifieroutput

type: small APX cutaway
table plate: spruce
back plate: Meranti
side panels: Meranti
rod: NATO
fingerboard: rosewood
under the piece: rosewood
shell thickness: 65-75 mm
finger Board width (on the piece / body joints): 43 mm/52 mm
String length: 580 mm
pickup & controls comes with soft case feel free to carry small:SYSTEM68 (A. R. T. pickup)
slightly smaller authentic sound
and APX series was charming design

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