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[how to wig / cover]

1. wig NET rubber side out with both hands, and neck.
2. rubber side of wig hair grow until you gently lift up.
3. dug into the wig NET behind the hair out evenly to the hair, fixed in the clip at the end.
4. out of the bag wig, wig comb comes with the brush carefully. (If the wig is permanent, without brushing gently side to side, contains air. ) Is the adjuster to adjust the size on the inside of the
5 wig. Adjust the size before putting on the wig on his head with the adjusters.
6. after wigs, for oil or water, the brushing. If the wig is permanent, without brushing to prepare by hand. ) Is complete if you arrange your preferred style bangs.

[How to wash wig / clean]

1. brush your wig comb ago washing.
2. shampoo in water at room temperature, usually using “1 (shampoo): 10 (Wednesday)” for wig soak about 15 minutes, put in proportion.
3. after 15 minutes, until bubbles wig is massaged by hand, the brushing.
(Without brush for wig hangs perms to carefully massaging by hand please. )
4. Take the moisture with a towel after washing, rinse with clean water about three times and let them dry naturally to the wig stand. (Do not use a hair dryer. ) Is a high quality wig that faithfully reproduce the original detail. It is also ideal for crossdressing and shemale.
Set includes: wig body + wig NET + wig stand (the colors and random) + private comb + Japan Japanese instruction manual
size: one size fits all. Adjustable adjustable (head circumference 50-corresponds to 60 cm). Wigs (wigs) inside the net are enlarged or reduced.
Material: heat-resistant high quality fiber synthetic hair (heat treatment available within the 150-180-degree iron, hair dryer).
your case started when some hair loss, natural hair loss will be less. Please note that may seem real and the color is different depending on how as monitor settings and room light. Wig pictures is using wax for taking the set easily. Please try things out with wax-spray-on cement,…


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