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Anker PowerHouse (434Wh/120, 600 mAh portable power) [static noise inverter / USB & AC & DC output for / PowerIQ with] camping, emergency and disaster when the backup power supply

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¥ 50,000

the ultimate portable power supply

Anker: endorse more than 10 million brand
using industry-leading technology products
18 months warranty and high rating of 99%

434 Wh of capacity, the Powerhouse is possible to charge laptop 15 times. Lithium-ion battery achieved a significantly smaller compared with the lead-acid battery. Prepared by the environmental disaster, camping, power supply is unstable because DC and AC output is great.

environmental design
PowerHouse is odorless and fuel-free, clean, safe, quiet portable power.

3 output modes
PowerHouse can be output in a variety of modes. 12 V cigar lighter socket, AC outlets, and four rapid charger USB port (PowerIQ compatible) to be charged to a wide range of equipment and appliances.

provides a high level of safety, by accelerating system (BMS) voltage and temperature to appropriately manage and prevent short. In addition, by adopting active cell balancing and optimizing the energy efficiency of the batteries at the same time, increases the lifetime of the battery have been prolonged.

world’s most celebrated product warranty
Anker has absolute confidence in our products. As a result, 18 months warranty and quality customer support offers all products. Anker® product strengths: Please try charge brands to endorse more than 10 million.
portable power supply: USB port smart phones to about 40 times the AC outlet laptops, about 15 times full charge can be made from. Consecutive camping light with you approximately 100 hours continuous mini fridge 7 hours if the TV series about four hours it is possible to use.
surprisingly compact:PowerHouse the industry’s most compact and lightweight 400 Wh power. Equipped with lithium-ion batteries, enabling significantly smaller compared with the lead-acid battery.
high security: provides a high level of safety, and appropriately manage the voltage and temperature module system (BMS). Also, in active cell balancing, battery energy efficiency achieved long-term optimization and battery life.
package contents:Anker PowerHouse (434 Wh portable power) AC adapter (304 cm), Micro USB cable (60 cm), DC cable, instruction manual, 18 months warranty, customer support


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