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Arai (ARAI) bike helmet Jet CLASSIC MOD pilot white 61-62

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Price = ¥ 17,861


-standard: JIS
-shell: cLc
ecopurer rooms (antibacterial / deodorizing / antifouling)
-color: pilot white
-size: XL 61-62 cm
bike Cafe. Shopping by bike.
life in fashion’s favorite little city ride. While watching the bike
discuss companions and
items and bikes on the street.
Bliss a little daily time on the looks drop-dead different safety performance of our ally and others

‘CLASSIC MOD’ will finish in style.
while boasting high enough to clear the 3 m
Snell standards of equivalent safety performance puncture-resistant test. And adopt the ecopurer Interior fully push the
and classical leather with the
antibacterial / deodorizing / antifouling ability
comfort, safety, high quality,
than pursuing next-generation ally classic series is born!
♦ talented to clear the 3 m penetration test. In ecopurer both comfort and ease of cover. While compact and light-weight

ally your own material “Super fiber” using shell (hat body) outweigh the JIS standard penetration test high performance clear
3 m Snell standards equivalent of penetration testing. … -Color: pilot white size: 61 cm-62 cm
standard: JIS shell: CLC interiors: ecopurer


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