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Arai (ARAI) bike helmet Jet CT-z glass black M 57-58 cm

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Price = ¥ 28,519


-model name: CT-z
-Cap: the PB-cLc (PRIVET Larry belted complex laminate construction)
-standards: Snell, JIS
-shield: CT standard shield system (patented)
-Interior: CT full system (FCS / cold and dry Interior and options available regulation-patent)
-size: (54) (55-56) (57-58) (59-60) (61-62) go too far,
[商品詳細] and
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Snell 2010 standard compact. [PB-cLc] structural laminate with the mixing ratio of your own material. The open face of the new area based on the shock absorbing liner with high shock absorption capacity of the full face. In the form

compact and simple form, while incorporating a full-face deep fit and comfort. Dual p pot opening system reduces height of full-throttle shielded, low visor into the shell to improve driving stability by establishing close.
country of origin: Japan
Accessories: helmet bag


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