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Arai (ARAI) bike helmet Jet MZ-F glass white XL 61-62 cm

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Price = ¥ 27,084

ASIN = B004VL01O4

-Cap: the PB-cLc (PRIVET Larry belted complex laminate construction)
-standards: Snell, JIS
-shield: the Arai shield LRS MZ type standard equipment (patented)
-Interior: Fixed high fitting Interior (System pad can be adjusted in the options-patent)
open face new basic shapes! Get the remains while limiting the increase of weight
Snell 2010 standard compact.

PB-cLc CAP, multi-stage foam cushioning liner Cap body’s PB-cLc structure carefully stacked with a variety of materials. Mixing ratio a different legacy of MZ, reduce the weight increase in material laminated and with balance further strengthened by Super fiber belt to where they are needed, such as craftsmanship can be said.
the heck multi-stage foam liner made of molded, frontal, temporal, occipital, respectively on the ceiling further expansion ratio with varying the hardness design. Achieved by determining the safety performance of the
helmets and polished each CAP body and shock absorbing liner important two component low weight, compact design. As an open-face specifically for safety performance by applying new technologies on the design concept of this ally,
“Cap body is sturdy, soft liner”, “MZ-F” was born. … Country of origin: Japan
Accessories: helmet bag


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