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Arai (ARAI) bike helmet Jet SZ-RAM 4 CHRONOS RED XL 61-62 cm

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Price = ¥ 34,800


(peripherally belted complex laminate construction),
-standards: Snell, JIS
Arai shield LRS-ZR type standard equipment (patented)
Z-ram4 high fitting rooms
(can be adjusted in the options-patent)
-color: Red
-size: XL 61-62 cm
[商品詳細] and
♦ ability to clear the Snell 2010 standard without altering the size or weight.
a strong PB-cLc Cap body and ally’s own multi stage foam liner. Achieved by limit out two important aspects of the helmet
weight, compact form.

♦ demonstrate makes stability excellent and detailed analysis of air flow. The form
air flow, improved high-speed stability and quietness. From
and strength for a solid, sturdy helmet while also
provides a smooth take off cover.

♦ excellent ventilation of the RX-7 RR5. Excellent ventilation system was developed for racing full face
for leave to open face. 研ぎ澄ませる the concentration of driving cool
a powerful and quietness. … Country of origin:

Japan standard:SNELL/JIS shell:PB-cLc decoration: high fitting cold, dry Interior (adjusted in the options available and patent)


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