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Arai (ARAI) bike helmet Jet SZ-Ram4 glass black M 57-58 cm

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Price = ¥ 28,273


-Cap: the PB-cLc (PRIVET Larry belted complex laminate construction)
-standards: Snell, JIS
-shield: the Arai shield LRS-ZR type standard equipment (patented)
-Interior: SZ-Ram4 high fitting rooms (can be adjusted in the options-patent)
stiffness, aerodynamics and cooling comfort! Evolution of the four the new mainstream open faith begins from here.
♦ developed ventilation
for full face for excellent ventilation.
as to the open face. 研gi澄maseru the concentration of driving cool
a powerful and quietness.
Excellent ventilation of the RX-7 RR5.

and diffuser Type10 quietness and inhalation efficiency increased dramatically, from the turbulence behind the reduction.
big switch, reliable switching operation is possible. Improving quietness

-Delta duct 5 to further expand the air inflow. In combination with a diffuser
to cool off strong. Get air from the inner side duct 2-

blow shutter induces toward the Temple of left and right, so far not exhilaration. By negative pressure drain with air taken from the inner side duct air stuck underneath the helmet

saydechisostoduct. Country of origin: Japan
Accessories: helmet bag


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