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Arai (ARAI) helmet [GP-J3] (8859 series) (for 4-wheel riders) 59 cm (L) white GP-J3-8859-L-WH

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♦ 8859 model ♦ size: l (59 cm)
♦ standards: Snell SA/FIA8859 ♦ Cap body:PB-cLc ♦ 4-stroke rally car ♦ color: White / Black ♦ Interior: flame retardant removable ♦ rigid titanium M6 terminal standard
* anchor installation when additional M6 terminal support * Helmet anchor is necessary.
♦ Cap shape only adopted the 4-wheel competition open face helmet you get the latest Snell SA.
♦ realize FCS structure and cheeks within interior/exterior pad shape and then envelop from the helmet stable fit.
♦ has evolved into the mounting sense of stable and low center of gravity structure by expanding the scope of protection. Please note that the
* this product is not a manufacturer’s warranty.
* ago you buy, make sure Arai website listed below please check please. Please note that the
* posted picture is sample, so vary according to actual shades. Detailed product
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