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Arai (ARAI) motorcycle helmet full face ASTRO-IQ glass white size M 57-58 cm

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Price = ¥ 31,063


PB-cLc (peripherally belted complex laminate construction)
-standards: Snell M2010, JIS
-shield: the Arai shield I (I) standard-type /LRS (patented)
FCS system Interior (can be adjusted in cold, dry Interior and options-patent)
Astro “burenai” claim. Fit up package from
cheek bottom.
With the FCS!
Ally has received high praise from top racers to f-1, Moto-GP and fit.
invent new FCS (Facial Contour System/facial contour system), to improve further the high wearing comfort. Produced the ideal type to uniformly hold the entire head, extended cheek bottom shapes:
head wrap. Without base plates enhance the adhesion to the cheek
system pad in a strongly compressing the cheek and deep wrap it from the bottom up, even high speed blur of utilizing non-friendly fit. Comfortable fit for
and “ASTRO-IQ” to increase riding pleasure.
Cleared the Snell 2010 standard without altering the
size, weight and ability.

“PB-cLc” Cap body Cap body employs a new generation shell [PB-cLc] f-1 helmet technology has resulted. … Country of origin: Japan
Accessories: helmet bag
Snell, JIS standard
FCS system (cold and dry Interior and options available regulation-patent)


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