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Arai (ARAI) motorcycle helmet full face Astro, proceed, command green M 57-58 cm

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Price = ¥ 39,246

ASIN = B0135MS49S

-standards: SNELL/JIS
-Cap: PB-cLc
high fitting anti-bacterial and deodorizing rooms (can be adjusted in the options-patent) /FCS
< < anti-bacterial and deodorizing Interior > > Touring models with Astro proceed
anti-bacterial and deodorizing materials newly developed full system the system proceed.
< dedicated the newly designed interior > staff sweating
. New material into skin-friendly ingredients to keep fabrics “ecopurer]and the skin to the same acidic pH control features”ecopurer”use. Features such as help with washing fell Sebaceous dirt that inhibits the growth of other bacteria
[to keep clean [ < ease of wear. >
ASTRO proceed specially designed interior is traditionally easier to stretch than the model, has improved ease of wear. And newly designed pads
cant, her mouth wider. Proceed system as standard

anti-fog SAI blow rock sheet (clear) with
country of origin: Japan
accessory helmet bag
-Cap body:PB-cLc
-Interior:FCS system Interior (adjust antibacterial / deodorizing / options available (patent))


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