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Arai (ARAI) motorcycle helmet full face RX-7X alumina silver M 57-58 cm

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Price = ¥ 48,120


-color: alumina silver
-size: 57-58
-equipped with new-generation system shield VAS (Vaz).
as in the size of the energy can be absorbed in any helmet,. The only Dodge great energy in the case of
reality. Pursuing smooth contours easily fending off shape from
. The
ever shield mounting need for opening or closing a slight bump. [19459003shieldsystemformofdecliningtheinstallationof24mmtheSnellstandardtestguidesmoothereasilyfendingoff< renewed resin to develop and pursue a lightweight yet tough.

and diffuser Type12 approx. 20 mm side shape of the extension and rear lower spoiler feature a broad than evolution. Intake efficiency increases approximately 19%, compared with
Type10. You can also adjust the air intake
open, half-open, sound-proof, rain-proof performance even better.

& IC duct 5 compared to the Delta duct 5 (RX-7 RR5) inhalation of about 11% up. The latest IC duct in the
large switch air intake with certainty and full-throttle, the half-time control, closed sound-proof, rain-proof performance increases significantly. … Country of origin: Japan country
accessory helmet bag
-model 名:RX-7X < br >-standards: Snell, JIS < br >-< br >:PB-SNC2 hat bodies (PRIVET Larry belted structural NET composite square)-Interior: Interior high fitting adjustable FCS (antibacterial and deodorant Interior and options available regulation-patent)

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