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Arai (ARAI) motorcycle helmet full face RX-7X nakasuga (NAKASUGA) 57-58CM

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Price = ¥ 52,343


-standards: SNELL/JIS
-Cap: PB-SNC2
-Interior: Interior high fitting adjustable FCS (adjusted by anti-bacterial and deodorizing Interior and options available and patent)
shield system have realized
ideal form.
2015, biggest motorcycle race Suzuka 8 race with Yamaha is the emergence of the latest replica
being nakasuka players brought a championship in 19 years, “RX-7X, nakasuga.
-based evolution of performance Dodge realized ideals form
new generation equipped with the world’s first shield system VAS’s full face model.
all Japan road race top class JSB1000 in 3 victories in a total of five times champion rider,
2012 Moto-GP VALENCIA second prize. Is the design of the high-impact image
sharp claws with the overwhelming speed of nakasuka players internationally
offensive to seize victory a “kandori” guardian and explosive combat power asymmetry.
country of origin: Japan
size: 57-58 CM high fitting cold and dry Interior:

standard:SNELL/JIS shell:PB-SNC2 decoration (can be adjusted in the options-patent)


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