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Arai (ARAI) motorcycle helmet full face RX-7X Roberts (ROBERTS) 54 CM

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Price = ¥ 46,197

ASIN = B0175UU570

-standards: SNELL/JIS
-Cap: PB-SNC2
high fitting adjustable FCS interiors
(antibacterial and deodorant Interior and options available regulation-patent) [19459003″evolve”performanceDodge’[商品詳細]
it exited the stage to further safety performance, new-generation shield system < VAS > powered full-face model RX-7X appeared, Mr Agostini, Kenny Roberts replica models (RX-7X and Roberts). The rider when riding a motorcycle
race retired after his ally, continues in the motorcycle racing industry around the world, with the nickname of “King Kenny” glorious in US AMA Racing and road racing World Championship result, attract more riders respect still legendary. Become a replica of the yellow Eagle design was reprinted the image
this year’s Yamaha 60 anniversary commemoration of active duty at.
country of origin: Japan

and standard:SNELL/JIS or shell:PB-SNC2-Interior: Interior high fitting adjustable FCS
-size: (54) (55-56) (57-58) (59-60) (61-62)
interior materials we are using ecopurer.


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