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Arai (ARAI) motorcycle helmets off-road tour cross 3 flare (FLARE) Red 57-58CM

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Price = ¥ 38,318


-standards: SNELL/JIS
-Cap: PB-cLc
-high fitting cold and dry Interior: Interior (adjusted in the options available and patent)
[商品詳細] [19459003multimediaperformanceoftheturnipwouldn’thaveevolvedThisistheemergenceofevolvedfurtherandprovideacomfortablefitwithasenseofstabilityathighspeed

off-road series multi-purpose helmet “tour cross 3 and flares. Composed of effeminate adventure series bikes not run
stage, mainly
elegant driving nature, image of sometimes intense Flash performance and sharp lines. It is a design model to match a wide range of bike colors and variations
red, blue and silver colors.
country of origin: Japan
size: 57-58 CM

standard:SNELL/JIS shell:PB-cLc < br) high fitting cold and dry Interior: Interior (can be adjusted in the options-patent)

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