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ARTFX J Natsume yuujinchou-Takashi Natsume & plaques-sculpted by non-scale PVC pre-painted completed figure

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Price = ¥ 12,609


: Yoshiki Ito–return the name bear. Of the solid in the sitcom boy could see the apparition from the popular anime “Natsume’s book of friends” from childhood “Takashi Natsume’ and self-appointed bodyguard nyanko-Sensei’s true form”plaques”to conjure up the scene in the movie! Natsume Takashi returns the name of the yokai kimono, carved in the “book of friends”. Watch it at “spot”. It is felt with the soft feel of the piece, while the sheer volume. No doubt would be the definitive figures of Natsume’s book of friends! The truth to the world from Kotobukiya ‘ARTFX J’ series! Take a look at the pick up please. age: 15 years and


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