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Away for SRS-LSR100 your SONY TV speakers with TV remote control wireless

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Price = ¥ 18,100


was clearly hearing sound remote control with wireless speakers. Adopt a TV remote control integrated design, listening to TV audio in your in-situ can “tune in” TV show soon. Use the
interference and interference-resistant 2.4 GHz wireless transmission system. Listen to ambient noise automatically adjust easily. Reproduce sounds and noises. Equipped with easy-to-listen to the voice of the people “voicezoom” function and buried, to the applause of the crowd, without properly played the announcer’s voice.
large volume knobs, drip-proof features, auto power off, headphone jack with handle for easy carrying pursuit of fun to anyone, such as with “ease of use”.
body size (width x height x depth): (transmitter) about 179mmx28mmx71mm, (speaker): about 196mmx74mmx77mm
body weight: (transmitter) approx. 85 g (speaker): approx. 440 g


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