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Battery Pro set (BatteryPro)

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(FM-828-FM-929) / portable EEG instrument battery fast charge in about 2 hours and a half. Fully charged after about 8 hours of continuous use is possible. (May be charging time, hours of use varies significantly depending on the condition of the battery, at room temperature. )
compact and easy to carry. The charge control. (For this charger Ni-MH battery charging properly safe 8-bit CPU, 10-bit a/d converter equipped. Battery charging condition / cell number to check every 60 seconds while charging. ) * Is attached specialized discharge units. The battery can be used in the best condition.
includes: charger, battery (rechargeable), gas discharge, cable A (charger), cable B (for discharge), cable C, instruction manual, warranty card.
Please note: does not include EEG measurement instrument.
battery Pro set (BatteryPro) is a simplified EEG measurement instrument brain Pro (FM-929) and brain Pro light (FM-828)-battery. It becomes possible to EEG measurements in the room with no power supply or outdoor. (Comes with Windows software outdoors while at the same time use a battery powered laptop use. ) * Because it can be used in stand-alone power supply noise reduction is valid.


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