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(Beam writes) BEAMS LIGHTS BEAMS LIGHTS / WRANGLER another note shirt dress

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USA denim brand “WRANGLER” from bespoke BEAMS LIGHTS denim one piece!
Western shirt from 27 MW stretched the length of the model, made in one piece. Knee-enough in length, so one more was and is worn points of products. From the heel sneakers fit a wide range of styling that you can enjoy.

WRANGLER / Wrangler
world three big denim brands a “WRANGLER (Wrangler)”. Brands, such as art history 22 MJZ denim were first incorporated design elements. Ad was appointed a Rodeo champion in the 1960s and then began in earnest, and settled as a cowboy for jeans, to the present. 19459005: China
[素材]: 000 100 cotton


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