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(Beams) BEAMS / RED CARD×BEAMS / another note Rhythm (Repair)

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[原産国]: made in Japan
[素材]: 98% cotton 2% polyurethane
SIZE: 28 West:76.5cm rise:22.5cm inseam: 68 cm hem around: 31 cm thighs around:51.5cm hip: 93 cm/SIZE:29 West: 80 cm:68.5cm hem around the rise of COBRA:23.5cm cm, inseam: 33 cm thighs around : 52 cm hip:94.5cm/SIZE:30 West: 83 cm rise: 24 cm inseam:68.5cm hem around: 34 cm thighs around:53.5cm hip: 97 cm/SIZE:31 West: 85 cm:70.5cm hem around the rise of COBRA:24.5cm cm, inseam: 34 cm thighs around: 54 cm hip: 100 cm/SIZE:32 West: 86 cm rise: 25 cm:35.5cm leg inseam:70.5cm hem around: 55 cm hip: 102 cm/SIZE:33 West :89.5cm rise:25.5cm inseam: 71 cm hem around the:36.5cm leg around:57.5cm hip:102.5cm

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