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BEAMS LIGHTS / twilstretchthino pants

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-the rise of COBRA, cost-effective legs tapered silhouette
gloss, smooth stretchcottnzil
dress, business is making of the specification
-hem tataki roll up and wear, finish
both casual and dress a good universal items
[原産国]: made in China
[素材]: 95% cotton, 5% polyurethane
SIZE:S West: 79 cm rise: 23 cm inseam: 79 cm hem around: 32 cm thighs around:53.5cm hip: 93 cm/SIZE:M West:83.5cm rise:23.5cm inseam: 80 cm hem around: 33 cm thighs around: 57 cm hip:95.5cm/SIZE:L West:86.5cm rise: 25 cm inseam:81.5cm hem around the:33.5cm Momo :58.5cm hip: 102 cm/SIZE:XL waist: 91 cm:34.5cm thigh, rise:25.5cm inseam hem:82.5cm around: 60 cm hip:104.5cm


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