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(Beams plus) 1940s BEAMS PLUS / blocks check work shirt

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work brand t-shirt design to incorporate the detail, created from materials. Silhouette vintage 40’s up based on the left. Mountain-shaped pocket, right. Using patch-Pocket design. Sleeves of the old detail two sleeves helpful incorporating motion and cuffs and a simple specification, is directing the rough.
material uses 8 / 1 yarn in the warp and weft threads are the thick, durable finish. It is to produce authentic work shirt fabric. 100% cotton made in Japan 19459003:

SIZE:S cm: 72 cm cm, shoulder width: 44 cm length::50.5cm sode丈: 62 cm/SIZE:M wear: 75 cm shoulder width:45.5cm width:53.5cm sode丈:63.5cm/SIZE:L cm: 78 cm length: shoulder:47.5cm: 56 cm sode丈:65.5cm/SIZE:XL cm, length: 79 cm shoulder width:49.5cm length:: 59 cm sode丈:66.5cm


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