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BONAVENTURA Bonaventura iPhone 7 cases (4.7-inch) Germany bookbinding leather leather book type (orange)

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Price = ¥ 15,120


• this product features high quality materials
uses made in Germany quality shrink leather there. It is a leather bag until the accessory is used in a variety of leather products, have a reputation for.
shrink leather-texture detail and it has adequate thickness and resilience, while deep texture texturing (wrinkle texture). This texture is in sturdy scratch-resistant, water resistant so long use.
to the touch feels rough and, assured non-slip.
color vivid color variations are modest, playful, will highlight the individuality of the owner.
this material processing and done by hand one by one by the engaged brand accessories such as luxury car makers, including skilled craftsmen and racing spirit of uncompromising craftsmanship with attention to each product.

book, open the case is excellent comfort in slim design to fit well in the hands! And use the
leather and similar color lining, stuck to the details.
case parts employs a lightweight, durable polycarbonate. Note that chromium coating has become an elegant finish. Equipped with a
card pocket. Holding the various types of electronic money, the ticket as well as staff with the iPhone. Also when you go shopping in the neighborhood with the iPhone wallet instead.

◆ precautions for use
* natural leather for the different shades and mottled one by one.
* finish leather is used in this product is made from natural materials makes use of natural texture to keep intact.
for wet so not full color processing, and will be exposed to sunlight, due to fading and weird Brown texture can be altered.
* browser configuration environment by slightly different from the actual color. Please be forewarned.
* unless this item is on your early product to deliver at least ship we have we. Once your order has been cancelled, changed, etc. are not so often to check on your order please. Model: iPhone 7 adopted there
material: high-quality shrink leather made in Germany (4.7-inch).
body size and weight: height 140 mm × width 75 mm × width 15 mm, 54 g
: shrink leather processing specific to fine textured (wrinkle pattern), is reasonable satisfaction. This texture is in sturdy scratch-resistant, water resistant so long use. Because the texture is rough and non-slip safety. We are using the same brand as a leather. In a slim design to fit well in hand comfort is excellent!


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