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BOSS Digital Delay DD-7

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Price = ¥ 18,900

ASIN = B00186L9X2

is a BOSS (boss) DD-7 digital delay effects. DD-7 delivers Studio quality sound by using the latest powerful DSP and the long delay of up to 6.4 seconds, the latest digital delay achieved even a 40 second hold functions. An epic delay sound, dynamic performance views. DD-7’s modelling characteristics of the DM-2 analog mode is equipped with various modes of 50 ms, 200 ms, 800 ms, 3200 ms usually delay in addition to the various delay sound, still highly popular former fighter. It is possible to express the warm analog delay sound. Modulation mode, plus the distinctive shimmering sound. You can create a soothing sound in the chorus effect of periodically changing the delay time. Delay time can be set up to 6.4 seconds. Equipped with a variety of 8 modes, such as
analog, modulate, and reverse. Tap input pedal
body and external footswitch delay time settings are possible.
achieve sound-on-sound performance in hold mode for up to 40 seconds.

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