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Carl Martin PLEXITONE 3ch distortion unit [Japanese regular Edition]

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Price = ¥ 30,240


CARL MARTIN Plexi Tone Overdrive Effects
* AC adapter and another will be up for sale.

Enable 20dB gain boost the PlexiTone, in addition to two crunch and high gain channels Overdrive channel boost channel three channel equipped with it. Can create crunch channels, ranging from subtle distortion overdrive to hard rock gain stage sound and high gain channels from rock gain stage control to gain sound profound. And the crunch channel gain channel’s Overdrive channel switch on/off DRIVE switch, select either channel SELECT switch can be used. Boost channels are independent and the Overdrive channel 2, select on or off by the BOOST switch. You can control the Overdrive
switches the bypass / boost CH only only CH / crunch and crunch CH + boost CH / gain CH only 6th Street / high gain channel + boost ch sound control becomes possible, a wide range of produce. Suitable for 9V AC adapter specifications power supply
United Kingdom made by high-gain amps like the tone character
domestic solid state amp, znr sound making


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