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Closed GAME Cecilia Lockhart 1 / 6 scale PVC pre-painted completed figure

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Price = ¥ 12,600


sculpted: Ryoichi Ikeda Holy girl games “Closed GAME” from the original, Cecilia Lockhart’s first PVC figurine! Original-girl x in 1 / 6 scale detail in sculptor! Of course, the complete supervision of the Holy girl teacher! Cecilia double pull the trigger the rapid fire is good. But now the wrists bound by tentacles stuck to! Cecilia greatest pinch! To the soles of the boots, I have carefully crafted Satoshi Ishiyama & hiroman unique said! The sharp eyes of Cecilia 堪rimasen! * Can be replaced with the chest so enjoy two different situations. Out and further accessories with two tentacles, and three volumes of the force. size: height: 13.5 cm
(C) WillPlus/Empress
age: 15 years old or more


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