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Creative Sound Blaster E5 hires for iPhone/iPad compatible USB DAC portable headphone amplifier with Bluetooth SB-E-5

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Sound Blaster E5

Sound Blaster E3
24bit/192kHz for Sound Blaster E5

in the DAC (digital analog converter), such as Cirrus Logic CS4398 120 DB s/n ratio Employing carefully selected high quality components, maximum 24bit/192kHz hi-res audio playback. Perfect for audiophiles with direct mode to direct output to a DAC and bypass the audio processor when connecting your PC, enjoy pure audio playback. in connection with the iPhone, iPad, and Android devices, such as with NFC-enabled Bluetooth wireless connection is possible. AptX, in addition to the usual SBC codec capable of high-quality audio transmission, and low-latency aptX Low Latency can also adopt new, suitable for AAC. Also with the USB host port for USB digital connections such as iPhone and Android smartphones. Not only that, as a USB audio audio can be enjoyed.

24bit/96kHz for Sound Blaster E3

s/n ratio of 112 dB DAC (digital to analog converters) delivers high-quality audio playback and microphone input “USB audio interface” or “portable headphone amplifier” is available. The maximum USB connection with your computer supports hi-res audio playback of the “24bit/96kHz”. Connections and smart phones, analog connection, of course, for Bluetooth wireless connections and USB digital Lightning with iOS7 over the iPhone and iPad. Bluetooth, NFC-enabled in the enabled smartphones, etc., and with a single touch can connect to easy. Also, aptX and AAC codec supports, so compatible and can be connected while wirelessly connected to a high-quality audio playback can be enjoyed.

maximum 600 Ω impedance headphones driven from

E5/E3 2 headphones outputs, both driving up 600 Ω impedance headphones high impedance specifications available. Alone together to enjoy high-quality audio as well as headphones. Adopted Texas Instrument TI6120A2 E5 headphone amplifier delivers distortion-less output (THD+N:0.005% below). According to the impedance of the headphones you have on the console switch headphone output gain switching easier;

multi-platform support

E5 Sound Blaster Central-only app available for free download on iPhone and Android devices installed from your wireless audio settings customization & control.

the common specification
  • high resolution audio support USB DAC
  • portable headphone amplifier

  • USB audio interface
  • battery: connect 8 hours (E3/E5), analog connections: 17 hours (E3)
  • high impedance headphone (up to 600 Ω) connection available
  • SBC Bluetooth audio codec, AAC, aptX and E5 for aptX Low Latency
  • Bluetooth multipoint connection headphone output
  • 2
  • built-in microphone

  • (in calls such as smartphones available)
SBX Pro Studio & CrystalVoice technology

SBX Pro Studio technology with various entertainment offers outstanding smart volume, strengthen dialogue in virtual surround sound with clear, powerful, bass-heavy and film, etc.. Also see CrystalVoice”that can be applied to the microphone CrystalVoice Noise Reduction continuously and effectively reduces the background noise and adjust the sound range CrystalVoice Focus only (E5), audio video chat and voice chat to clear offers. These features at E3 when you connect with a PC in the E5 PC connection at other times your offers. In addition, E5 is SBX button on the console the SBX feature to easily switch it is possible. In addition to built-in microphone 3 E5. Depending on the orientation of the device automatically selects a pair of microphones, the works.



Sound Blaster E5 [19459007

Sound Blaster E3

SB-Axx1 multi-core audio processor with


24bit/192kHz stereo direct



NFC-enabled Bluetooth



optical digital inputs and outputs (max 24bit/96kHz)





USB digital connection (PC/Mac)



USB digital connection (iOS device)


USB digital connection (Android devices)



update on iPhone and iPad 24bit/96kHz hires play for USB connections:
update the non-charging mode and mixer settings, Scouting mode
high quality USB DAC & portable headphone amplifier [19459081″WithNFC-enabledBluetoothwithaptXdirectmodetodirectoutputtoaDACandbypasstheaudioprocessorPCconnectionwhenpossiblewith
high quality audio playback of AAC support
USB host ports, USB digital connections such as iPhone and Android smartphones responded to up to 600 Ω impedance response
2 headphones outputs, A high-impedance headphones are driven as possible
on the body with standard gain and high gain selector switch according to your headphone output is equipped with a stereo line output can be
so speakers with integrated amplifiers are connected, use also includes possible
optical digital input/output, so use as a DAC digital connection with the built-in microphone 3 physically possible
power: USB 5V, 500mA / built-in rechargeable lithium-polymer battery (3200mah)
charge time: approx. 5 hours

for OS:Microsoft Windows8.1/8/7/Vista/MacOS10.6.8 over Bluetooth audio codec SBC, aptX, AAC

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