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D’Addario D’Addario acoustic guitar strings fosferblons Light.012-.053 EJ16-3D 3set with Pack x 10 set [Japanese regular Edition]

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ABOUT D’Addario


D’Addario’s first plant is located in Lynbrook, New York, and start out with only five people.
an aggressive sales strategy paid off, D’Addario product popularity is quickly growing, plant staff undertook the manufacture.

introduction of Fretted Line was then acquired and long-established classical stringed instrument maker, Kaplan Music String Company, later to become successful together.
and moved the factory to meet demand in 1984, and increased 150 new and embark on the expansion of the production plant.
this transfer starting after 10 years, expansion of production facilities strive to solidify and, D ‘ Addario’s position.

One of the key to the growth of D ‘ Addario in philosophy “as much in IN HOUSE as possible”. Has led to do in-house print services have been contracted out in the past, introduced
Heidelberg printing machines, printing presses and other large number. To accurately grasp market trends and customer needs, as well as costs for its own staff
as well as in marketing, packaging design, and worked with many marketing campaigns success.
Most of the growth of
and D ‘ Addario is the network of distributors all over the world.
many American domestic retail outlets and distributors all over the world through D’Addario products around the world is supplied.

Boasts an overwhelming support from musicians all over the world

and without saying a word synonymous with the famous string “D ‘Addario”,


the distinctive bright sound, great intonation.

D’Addario strings which provides extremely high-quality state-of-the-art computer control maintains accurate pitch and tone. Not lead to deterioration for sealed with a bag of special polymer D ‘ Addario to shut off air and light will cause the degradation of
string of your own for a long time.

Acoustic guitar strings in the great

sound professional and amateur, will continue “Phosphor Bronze Round Wound”,


fosferblons string

in 1974, began production.
still the chosen locations, such as the Studio / live sound and attracts artists from all over the world, is favored.
Finger charm
number of notable, if people have picked up the habit without sound and rich range, and D’Addario product, everyone will feel and feel like integrated.
Why is transparent individuality Aikido without any resistance potential of decision
player and guitar “Phosphor Bronze Round Wound” continue attracts players from around the world.

sound is also supported in the world “Phosphor Bronze Round Wound” the reason is the abundance of its lineup. Such as [EJ38H] instead of just
scale gauge variations, suitable for 12-string guitar and [EJ37] is a resonator guitar chords [EJ42]Nashville tuning, has become a diverse lineup. (Part number is 1 example)
Be able to provide a wide variety of lineup can be equipped with one of the few factory as
string manufacturer that caters to all guitarists worldwide unique D ‘ Addario, because the.

Pack variation


-Phosphor Bronze Multi-Packs-

D’Addario Multipack series is a great Pack string set 3 or set of 10. Set string
each sealed special polymer Pack separately and never long term degradation.

EJ15-3D.010-.047 Extra Light / EJ16-3D.012-.053 Light and Medium EJ17-3D.013-.056 and EJ26-3D.011-.052 Custom Light / EJ16-10P.012-.053 Light and Medium EJ17-10P.013-.056 -EJ26-10P.011-.052 Custom Light


-Bulk Shop ~

1-deals Bulk Pack 6-string contains per each 25 roses. Recommended player
string to replace regularly.

* rose string Pack for packaging not been one set.

EJ16-B25.012-.053 Light and Medium EJ17-B25.013-.056

Japan domestic agency products here.
(Please with your mind cannot be subjected to the Security Agency regarding parallel imports. )


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