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DENON amplifer premium PMA-390RESP

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seeking high-quality technologies for many years Denon amplifer
50 W+50 watts of power with the high power by seeking Advanced HC SinglePush-Pull circuit of power supply and signal path simple and subtle expressive power achieved.
class also allows the isolation of vibration-proof circuit and the circuit layout to eliminate mutual interference between circuits, high performance machine.

Advanced High Current Single Push-Pull circuit common HC transistors with current supply capacity 3 x transistor circuit is newly evolved to AdvancedHC single push PLE circuit.
also achieved play eliminates the big sound change input couplingcondensa, signal path to simplicity, freshness. Do so by using DUAL FET selection products
power amplifier input stage to a pair of uniform and stable.

♦ is kept even with vibrations from the transformer external vibrations are transmitted to the transformer, power transformer and vibration source with direct mechanical ground construction
and add a 1.6 mm thick steel plate mount. Reduce the support for the
/ from the chassis vibration. Doing thorough vibration-proof circuit

♦ main transformer isolated audio system, control system power supply
power transformers windings separates audio system, control system, and eliminates the interference fit circuit separation of layout and, keeping the flow of noise into the audio signal from the power supply line. Adopt the conventional with a current capacity of 1.5 times, excellent instantaneous current supply capacity
and rectifying Schottky barrier diode.

♦ ensure playback bandwidth up to 100 kHz also supports playback of Super Audio CDS, audio signal far beyond 100 kHz wide
human audible spectrum and the sampling media.

♦ adopt to reduce mutual interference between circuits, S. L. D. C. signal vary widely, such as isolated
Phono preamplifier circuit, amplifier circuits layout signal level the layout of each circuit isolated and design.
also, minimum signal path circuit until the output signal from the input line to minimize worry that keeping the signal degradation.

♦ mounted parts, such as high-quality loudspeaker Terminal quality-conscious
screw-type speaker terminals, signal degradation is less sound quality eco-friendly, transparent type speaker Terminal. Speaker A, B, 2 switching is also possible.

♦ other
source direct switch PHONO Equalizer amplifier (MM type) with auto standby function, micro controller stop function. With the remote control. -Advanced HC single push PLE circuit
-direct mechanical ground construction
-S separating layout by signal. L… D… C…
-AdvancedHC (HighCurrent) SinglePush-Pull circuit-stable sound acquisition
-direct mechanical ground construction–of vibration to the internal circuit

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