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-DV Mark/LITTLE 40II all-tube guitar head DVM-L40/2 [Divi mark]

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Price = ¥ 40,500


released popular multi-amp and dedicated JAZZ amplifiers with innovative ideas, from DV MARK brand buzz, an authentic all-tube guitar amp new!

40 w/2 EL34 power tubes with LITTLE 40 channel specification

3-band EQ, presence and reverb.

PowerAMP2×EL34, 1 x ECC83
ControlsGain – Master, EQ (Bass – Mid – High) [Option] Channels2ch
Footswitch Input (Channel Select and Reverb on/off)
Speaker out4 Ω / 8 Ω / 16 Ω [19459001andotherPresence/Reverb/*OptionFoot
size 465 × 205 x 263 mm
weight 9.2 kg


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