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EarthQuaker Devices Arpanoid [manufacturer’s 1 year warranty]

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Price = ¥ 24,980


It is often well
arpeggiator synthesizers in various ways to the guitar effect in the omake of the multi-effects processor.

control is Rate/Step/Wet/Dry with Mode a and mode switch.

Wet and Dry sound and effect sound volume for each in the Mode is to set the deviation of the pitch are the major key of a minor key and when the ARPEGE et.
Or increase the sound
3-mode switch, and descend (be or will be down or switch.

this arpeggiator is an arpeggiator with pitch-shifting. Manufacturers Please note that may change appearance on design, color, etc. of
manufacturer 1 year warranty (enclosed statement is as a substitute for the letter of guarantee), without prior notice.


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