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EIZO FlexScan 31.5-inch color LCD monitor (3840 x 2160/IPS Panel / 5ms / non-glare/black) EV3237-BK

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Price = ¥ 167,950


  • large-screen, high-definition of information
  • because

    desktop can display more information, save yourself the trouble scrolling and window switching and improves work efficiency. Enjoy the big screen experience, appears full resolution photos and movies in 4 K
    or full-screen.

    IPS Panel

  • wide viewing angles and color representation better recruiting
  • liquid crystal panel drive method employs a better viewing angle IPS system.
    directions 89 ° wide viewing angle, and angle color variations and tonal flipping to minimize. Moving tasks


  • fun attitude supports a wide range of lifting, tilt, Swivel, and can be continuously adjusted to 1人1人 user fatigue, easy to work and screen positions. Color perfect

  • expression
  • display color temperature to over 500 k (Kelvin) and can be adjusted.

  • tired eyes with blue lights to cut
  • screen to adjust the viewing “Auto EcoView” allows too much glare and light inhibition by tired eyes seeing.
    also, in conjunction with the Paper mode, the blue light drastically cut. View a variety of

  • will be switching to a basis

    video viewing, Web browsing, text input, such as a great view.

  • reflected embedded control
  • ;

    LCD surface is non-glare to discreet light reflection and, in addition to the stress of the screen, and can even tired eyes due to eye muscle tension reduction.

    control during low-intensity light-EMITTING diodes adjusted mitigation

  • EyeCare dimming function

  • flicker screen flicker.

    is a feature if you enter two or more video signals

  • Picture by Picture
  • you can tile a screen. Can be set from the front of
    button, select from 5 different layouts possible. You can take advantage of various applications such as signage, concurrent tasks, movie / advertising / information to display together with Windows and Mac. If you type


  • Picture in Picture, Picture by Picture

    Similarly, in multiple video signals can be used. Is
    and “Picture in Picture” function on the screen on the small screen, for example while on the parent screen day trade and you can build in a child screen environments, such as playing streaming video of the general meeting of shareholders. The size and position of the child screen is changeable.

  • 4-system digital input signals with
  • rear, DVI/HDMI/DisplayPort x 2 total 4 digital input signals to provide.
    dual monitor applications works, of course, when using Picture in Picture and Picture by Picture.

  • video image to clear the Overdrive circuit with overdrive circuit speeds up the response rate

    Middle tone color.

  • voice needs for
  • rear ends with 1 each 1 Watt speakers.


  • USB battery charge compatible (USB 3.0)
  • of the 3 USB ports on side

    one capable smartphones and tablet devices such as the battery charge. Suppress the automatic power

  • reduce the screen brightness

    auto-dimming feature that reduces power consumption in addition to the load of the user’s eyes. Change the monitor settings in the

  • “EIZO Monitor Configurator”
  • monitor each setting in the mouse hand can change freely.


  • shades of 16770000 color full color display
  • 10-bit gamma correction allows multilevel data then the perfect color and provides a smooth gradation. Dimming range

  • monitor brightness of less than 1% of maximum brightness can be set to low intensity.


  • 31.5-inch 4 K (3840 x 2160) IPS Panel height adjustment swivel (left and right angle adjustment) tilt (up and down angle adjustment) uncoated (non-glare) LED speaker response speed 5 ms response rate 2-5 ms


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