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Elegant type of Yamaha silent guitar Black metallic SLG110N BM

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Price = ¥ 39,800

ASIN = B0042904QA

-nylon string guitar. Guitar than narrow finger Board width and slightly low string height settings is the design very easy to play even smaller hands, the acoustic guitar player. With excellent playability and beautiful nylon string sound is feel free to enjoy.
Line up the three types of color finish.
string length: 650 mm
body: Maple
rod and neck: Mahogany
fingerboard: rosewood, width (top piece 50 mm / body joints of 60 mm)
and other control functions: volume, bass control, treble control, effect switch (offnarev1narev2nachorusnaecho)
connector: DC IN
Headphones with a built-in switch (on/off)
AUX IN (w/level control)
(mono) LINE OUT and POWER switch
(Jack plug-ins when ON) battery life: continuous use during normal (alkaline: 20 time, manganese batteries: 9 hours), when using effects (alkaline batteries: 13 time, manganese batteries: 5 hours) * usage time of the battery is standard is only.
Varies depending on the State of the individual batteries can be used.

soft case, stereo inner microphone, power adapter came with excellent quietness (can also use about 1/10 of the guitar volume, headphone) of outstanding vintage feel (lower chord in high school, played for a long time will be easy)
novel design and high quality sound

(storage or compact) Karaoke, play back (connect peripheral devices with AUX IN)


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