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Gently enveloped Tokyo is Rena (Tokyo is Nana heart Maple banana flavor 8 PCs)

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Price = ¥ 1,160


★ ★ ★ heart pattern fluffy flavored maple syrup sponge cake in banana custard. It is pretty darned Tokyo is Rina a happier. ★ ★ ★ product name: Tokyo is Nana heart Maple banana flavor, “see” lit. “raw materials: Maple banana cream (starch syrup, banana paste, sugar, skim milk powder, banana puree, vegetable oil, egg yolks, maple syrup, flour, gelatin), egg, sugar, flour, vegetable oil, dried egg whites, modified starch, seasoning (amino acid), emulsifier (soybean origin), spices, leavening agent, sorbitol, colouring (caramel, red yeast rice, carotenoids), acetic acid (Na) energy: alcohol content approximately 103 kcal (per piece) : Non allergenic: wheat, egg, milk, soy and gelatin, bananas, answered: about 7 days-calorie per standard in the 9 days (including the purchased date) * “energy” (5th revised Japan calculated based on standard tables of food composition) included. * “Allergenic” in the in addition to the specific raw materials 7 and similar materials that those figures show 20 items. * Listed a number of days to see you answered”that will last long after the purchase, estimated includes the delivery period and the expiration of the real shorter.


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