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Glass white size XL TOUR-CROSS 3 road bike helmet Arai (ARAI) 61-62 cm

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¥ 32,423

-Cap: the PB-cLc (PRIVET Larry belted complex laminate construction)
-standards: Snell, JIS
-shield: TX pin rock Browsealoud as standard (optional Pinlock Sheet)
-Interior: FCS system Interior (can be adjusted in the options-patent)
[商品詳細] supports, rather than
cheeks “lower jaw”.
With the facial contour system further developed a sense of stability at high speeds was the f-1 de f-1 driver, and comfortable to wear.

PB-cLc Cap body Cap body’s PB-cLc structure.
typically fiberglass, tensile strength, compressive strength and 40% higher than, superior material superfiber carefully stacked. Adhesion with this super fiber higher weight are combined as
in addition, composite material light organic material AR-mat (internal material) to improve the strength of the shell. Born in the development process
in addition, f-1 helmet-Super fiber belt frontal detail deployed not only subjected to shock, such as inside the occipital and temporal directions.
PB-cLc Cap body with multi-stage foam liner to clears Snell 2010 with the best. Smoothly integrated into backward [saydechisostoduct 3] own hyperlib increase the rigidity of the hyperlib

bottom form. … Country of origin: Japan
Accessories: helmet bag


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