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Grimoire of the divine beauty night Lind b room 1 / 6 scale PVC pre-painted completed figure

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Price = ¥ 18,144


original production:honey (DRAGON Toy) production: comic unreal series touch touch-elect popular cartoonist elect teacher’s “grimoire of the Divine Comedy, more beauty night Lind b room in 1 / 6 scale PVC figurine! Extracted pose than a piece of comic books, original and arranged! Beauty night replacement face parts are what sack head sins is that it’s ver… my will! Prototype’s popularity worked on, such as Red-Apple 1/6 original honey Mr. (DRAGON Toy exclusive) by. Teachers elect touching illustrations we have reproduced faithfully. Never in the pictures startle not show dildo part Aver. Bver. comes with. You can enjoy 10 minutes in this integrated world Grimoire. Fully supervised by the teacher himself touching the elect! Enjoy quietly at home! (C) elect touch / kill time communication
size: in height; 23 cm
age: 15 years old or more


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