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high-definition playback headphones Audio-Technica sealed portable headphone hi res source for gun ATH-MSR7 GM

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technology and the pursuit of the reproduced sound reality accurately hires sound ◆ driver with a newly developed 45 mm diameter φ 45 true motion hires drivers driving force and maximize and depict every sound on high-definition.  ◆ technology precisely calculated the air route of dual-air control technology acoustic effect of high strength laminated structure and sound sound faithfully play by ◆ solid sewing sleeves of foam material for a long time listening fatigue ◆ ya focus design / three-dimensional shape to tightly wrap ♦ specifications ♦ type: dynamic closed-type driver diameter: diameter 45 mm frequency: 5-40,000 Hz maximum input: 2000 mW impedance: 35 Ω output sound pressure level sensitivity: 100 dB plug:- Code:-weight: 290 g (excluding cable) Accessories: code for Smartphone (1.2 m / 3.5 mm gold-plated stereo 4-pole plug), code (1.2 m / 3.5 mm gold meckistereomini plug), code (3.0 m / 3.5 mm gold meckistereomini plug), pouch and orders cannot be guaranteed is the per person on up to 3 computers, please. Please do not purchase multiple units. Please note that sometimes changed the name at the same address for orders, customers seem to be identical for multiple orders if the orders will be canceled. High-definition headphones portable headphones
sound truth faithfully depict
color: GM (gunmetal)
45 mm Tru motion hi-res audio driver


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