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HP (formerly Compaq) HP iPAQ 212 Enterprise Handheld FB042AA #ABJ

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Price = ¥ 54,000

ASIN = B0016OGT54

4-inch TFT color LCD touch screen adoption
large, bright, clear touch screen. In 4-inch VGA display (480 × 640 dots, 65000 colors) and a half adopt a transmissive TFT color LCD. Other minor characters, images and videos to display beautifully. In addition, by the brightness sensor, ambient light LED backlight adjust. Utilizing a screen can be indoors or outdoors. Aspect to switch screen orientation with the push of a button, so next to the screen display applications and Internet can be used comfortably.

clear performance mobile processor MarvellR PXA310624MHz
high end with the 256 MB of Flash ROM and 128 MB of SDRAM memory. PDA possibilities, not playing in the business field. To be wearing a strap on the body also supports active use.

Microsoft Windows Mobile 6 Classic Japan language version with
the latest mobile OS, Microsoft Windows Mobile 6 Classic Japan language version installed. As a standard application in the OS, such as Microsoft Office Mobile, Internet Explorer Mobile, WindowsMedia Player 10 Mobile or iPAQ original ClearVue PDF viewer, HP Photosmart Mobile application is also the pursuit of usability.

the evolution of mobile communication

  • Outlook Mobile email management capabilities and provide access to contacts enhanced significantly. Reproducibility of the message is further advanced and enhanced confidentiality of the messages and documents. Better manage their schedules, and enhanced productivity in mobile
  • my calendar and become more efficient. Office Mobile is also to respond to the document protection, more business and adapt more easily become that.
  • at the end of security & end also improved management
    security and device management features, such as improved significantly, to reduce the risk of information leakage that can be. By stepping up cooperation and Exchange Server on the internal systems more easily accessible.

    implementing the standard

  • application development of improved device emulator functionality enhancements and high performance database application development and improve.

    enhance interface interface optional CF card slot, SD memory card SDHC standards and an extensive 24-pin connector to connect a variety of devices to enable
    business solutions, communication and various types of IO card increases the functionality and scalability. Also, built-in 802.11 b / g wireless LAN, network connection such as your home or public wireless LAN spots and Internet access. Version 2.0 + EDR specification for Bluetooth delivers a high speed connection to the various peripheral devices such as keyboard, mouse, headset or other Bluetooth device.

  • version 2.0 + EDR specification for Bluetooth
    version 2.0 + EDR specification for Bluetooth is enable high-speed connection of various peripheral devices such as keyboard, mouse, headset or other Bluetooth device. Set and controlled by can easily Manager Bluetooth connection wizard.

    extended use of battery use
    2200 mAh rechargeable Li-ion battery. Can be replaced with spare battery is detachable, so possible. Using the optional mini USB sync cable charger with AC adapter and can be charged through the USB port on the host PC.

    strap hole equipment and is fitted with a strap hole
    body on the left side, remove the battery cover can be installing and removing the straps. External dimensions: 76 mm x 16 mm x 126 mm (width × depth × height)
    power:-AC adapter (100 – 240VAC, 5VDC)-Removable rechargeable lithium ion battery (attached to the body, 2200mah), backup battery
    (in the body) features:-4-inch TFT color LCD touch-screen use-clear performance-Microsoft (R) Windows Mobile (R) 6 Classic Japan language version installed-enhanced interface-battery for safety in use for a long time-equipped with a strap hole
    interface: USB (mini USB(USB2.0 connections, data transfer and charging)), expansion connector (24-pin connector (USB2.0 connection, data communication and high speed charger, host)), Bluetooth ([Bluetooth features:-Bluetooth (R) v2.0+EDR-send output: up to 4 dBm (Power Class 2) -For Profile:Generic Access (GAP), Serial Port (SPP), Generic Object Exchange (OBEX), dial-up Networking (DUN), File Transfer (FTP) and Object Push (OPP), Support Headset (HSP), Personal Area Networking (PAN), Human Interface Device (HID), Basic Printer ( BPP), Basic Imaging (BIP), Advanced Audio Distribution (A2DP), and Audio Video Remote Control (AVRCP)), headphone/microphone (3.5 mm audio jack (PIN 4. Stereo headphones and microphone))


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