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In the design world’s thinnest 5.2 mm polished fingerprint is the flagship of Motorola smart phone Moto Z 64 white domestic regular agency shop ap3786ad1ki4

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Price = ¥ 91,810

ASIN = B01M1640DP

Motorola Moto Z, charging (Turbo Power™), with many features, such as dual SIM dual standby support.
also see Mods Moto™ “and dedicated accessories called the trans form (binary change) with many different devices. This is the Smartphone future could spread as many devices as Hasselblad’s camera, JBL speakers, “projector”, see mobile battery.
fingerprint authentication feature that many of you unlock many times in one day not only saves the hassle and improves security. Rapid charging capability (Turbo Power™), is a rechargeable battery, can drive 8 hours to charge about 15 minutes. Listen at the same time two numbers in one smart phone dualstandbydual SIM (DSDS) features is ability. Put two SIM, it is possible to listen (4G/3G) at the same time. Work for smart phones and smart phones for private two have with DSDS features one aggregation is possible. In addition to putting data SIM with voice SIM, use is different.


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