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Instruments for a New Electric Music insturmenzfoerrnewelek music bass fuzz STEP Instruments for a New Electric Music STEP guitar (Japanese regular Edition)

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electronic music especially basic sounds all in one box to pedal.
To step various fuzz, Overdrive and tone boost toggle switch, and then realized the pure upper octave and sustain. Texture knobs got inspired from the Attack knob Tone Bender Mk1 with switch
four of the STEP is very easy-to-use tool. Produces a very nice effect in the base, as well as the guitar
Adopt a feature

-Hammond 1590 BB casing. All graphics are in Portland sky blue, screen prints of all the assemblies in Portland.
and built with high quality components, and use of double-sided silicon transistor circuits were matching
in Mulino, Oregon made a through-hole PCB
-9 V adapter (EPA-2000 recommended) drive. Battery operation is not possible. Together, these four switches and knobs Texture as well as makes a variety of sounds, fuzz, Overdrive, boost the upper octave guitar available
also based on manufacturers recommendation
design changes without prior notice change design colors on the exterior, etc.. Please be forewarned.


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