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Iowa (SHOEI) bike helmet Jet J-Cruise CORSO (Corso) TC-6 (WHITE/SILVER) M (57 cm)

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Price = ¥ 37,823


-structure: AIM (Advanced Integrated Matrix)
glass fiber which before 3-d, based on organic fiber composite laminate. While maintaining the rigidity and weight reduction by SHOEI’s own shell construction.
-standard: JIS standard
S (55 cm)
M (57 cm)

L (59 cm) XL (61 cm)
-Accessories: Maintenance Kit, bag

QV-1 sun visor High-precision injection molding made from polycarbonate and meet “ANSI Z80.3” standards of the United States as well as European sunglasses standards “EN-1836”. Clear the many requirements for identification of strength and signal color, distortion, etc.
Pursuing the CJ-2 shield
distortions and reflections of least curvature and developed the CJ-2 shield. Spread to lower than conventional CJ-1 shield shield surface, partially changing thickness and curvature of the front and back, the vision clearer and more natural than achieved by improved optical properties. It is also design to reduce the driving wind from the bottom is the unique design of the shield bottom, with a key in the form of Ki-cruise to build on. With the adoption of the shield
a new base and new development, also adopted this open face type variable-axis double-action mechanism. Lowering the shield down and press the shield and rubber window I just crimp. In addition, window beading (rubber window) also enhanced adhesion of 2 lip shape. Reduces infiltration of driving wind and rain, with wind sound, achieved surprising high level of comfort and quietness. … Color: TC-6 (WHITE/SILVER)


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