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Iowa (SHOEI) bike helmet Jet J-CRUISE luminous white XL (61 cm)

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Price = ¥ 30,333

ASIN = B0090PQ29O

-standard: JIS Standards
-structure: AIM (Advanced Integrated Matrix)
-size: XS (53 cm) / s (55 cm) / m (57 cm) / l (59 cm) / XL (61 cm) /XXL’s (63 cm)
-Accessories: Maintenance Kit, bag
condensed all of the features the innovative inner visor-open face helmet! Visibility to protect from the Sun
the weather changes and changes in the sudden brightness due to the tunnel opening and closing of the inner visor can easily by operating the lever. Without having to prepare two types of clear and smoke shield
tooling, and according to conditions visibility is freely adjustable at the innovative open face helmet.
♦ QSV-1 sun visor
and open an inner sun visor is equipped. In the
high-precise injection molded polycarbonate, conforms to “ANSI Z80.3” standards of the United States as well as European sunglasses standards “EN-1836”. Meets the requirements of many distinguished
strength and signal color, distortion, etc.
♦ CJ-2 shield
equipped with the newly developed shield reduced distortion and wind penetration. Seeking the curvature
the least amount of distortion and glare, newly developed the CJ-2 shield. Spread to lower than
former CJ-1 shield shield surface, partially changing thickness and curvature of the front and back, the vision clearer and more natural than achieved by improved optical properties. … Accessories: Maintenance Kit, bag
-size: XS (53 cm), S (55 cm), M (57 cm), L (59 cm) and XL (61 cm) and XXL (63 cm)
-colour: luminous white black Black metallic anthracytometallick


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