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Iowa (SHOEI) bike helmet Jet J-STREAM metallic S (55 cm)

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¥ 26,672

-size: XS (53 cm), S (55 cm), M (57 cm), L (59 cm) and XL (61 cm), XXL (63 cm)
-standard: JIS Standards
-structure: AIM (Advanced Integrated Matrix)
-Accessories: bag, feel high-quality maintenance kits
simple yet also, tired of not the complete silhouette. The numerous systems to provide high functionality
comfort Syncronizes will concentrate on riding the rider.
○ construction ○
AIM (Advanced Integrated Matrix)
of strong glass fiber before 3-d organic fibers, complex layers of. While maintaining high rigidity light weight can be made
SHOEI’s own shell construction.
ST air intake and St air outlet
○ ST air intake and St air outlet ○
over the years accumulated aerodynamic data creation based on the can clearly experience
ventilation realized.
the outer sliding shutter glove hand easily by, closed by and coated in the same color. Accessories: Maintenance Kit, bag
-size: XS (53 cm), S (55 cm), M (57 cm), L (59 cm) and XL (61 cm) and XXL (63 cm)
-colour: White Black / metallic mat black and Royal Blue Metallic Burgundy


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